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Climate Action Plan

One South Van Ness roof

Public Works Climate Action Plan, March 2011



Greening the city’s infrastructure and our business practices are an integral part of our mission and these goals are outlined in our Strategic Plan.  

Additionally, the San Francisco Environmental Code requires, beginning at the close of fiscal year 2008-2009 and every year following, that all City departments submit, in a format specified by the Department of the Environment, a written update of greenhouse gas (GHG) emitted and the status of plans and actions taken. These updates enable the Department of the Environment to calculate the City's progress toward meeting the greenhouse gas emissions limits established in Section 904 of City and County of San Francisco Environment Code. 

Along with informing our strategic planning process, the purpose of this Climate Action Plan is to comply with the requirements of the Environmental Code and document our carbon footprint, report on actions taken and establish or adjust strategic actions to further reduce our GHG emission in coordination with the City’s Environmental Plan and contribute to making San Francisco a beautiful livable, vibrant, and sustainable city.

San Francisco’s greenhouse gas emission are detailed in Climate Action Plan for San Francisco, Local Actions to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions released in September 2004, by the Department of Environment and San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. The plan establishes the city's goal to reduce the city’s greenhouse gas emissions to 20% below 1990 levels by 2012, provides background information on the causes of climate change, and projections of its impact on San Francisco. 


What We're Doing

Reducing CO2 Emissions by:

  1. Reducing Energy Use
    – Conserving energy in our facilities
    – Installing more energy efficient lamps / lights in our buildings and infrastructure (tunnels and underpasses)
    – Reducing fuel use in vehicles
    – Consolidating and reducing computer servers and printer
    – Promoting alternatives to employee commuting (walking, biking and public transportation) 

  2. Conserving water
    – Installing drought resistant plants and water efficient irrigation systems
    – Increase permeable surface through Pavement to Parks and sidewalk landscaping programs 

  3. Reducing Waste
    – Installing and monitoring recycle compost and trash bins at each work site
    – Encouraging use of virtual warehouse and reuse of building materials 
    – Enhancing green purchasing 
    – Reviewing and implementing use of alternative construction methods and sustainable and recycled materials 

  4. Ensuring all building designed, managed, maintained and construction projects strive to meet LEED Gold Standards. 

  5. Sequestering Carbon (taking GHG out of the air)
    – Maintaining 40,000 street trees
    – Creating Street Parks
    – Supporting urban gardening and harvesting programs
    – Greening infrastructure 


Climate Action Plan in Practice

  • 2011 Green and Blue Collaboration for the Climate Award for the living roof on 1 South Van Ness

  • 2011 Green & Blue Outstanding Transportation Outreach Award

  • Sunset Boulevard Water Efficiency Project

  • San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) Headquarters at 525 Golden Gate



Cynthia Chono
Climate Action Liaison
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, City Hall, Room 348
San Francisco, CA, 94102