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Public Works Week


Public Works Week 2018 is April 23-27.

National Public Works Week is a time when Public Works demonstrates what “public works” means. We take a week in the spring to celebrate accomplishments and milestones. We host activities that reinforce partnerships with San Francisco residents, community organizations, and volunteers.

There are project tours, equipment demonstrations and open houses that the public is invited to.

During Public Works Week, the City honors the professional and committed women and men who make daily contributions to public works-related efforts that include designing, operating and improving the City’s infrastructure; graffiti removal, tree planting and maintenance; neighborhood beautification and volunteer clean-ups; street and sewer repair; architecture and engineering services; job training; and street use and mapping services.

All of these efforts are collectively known as public works and this one week each year is a time to recognize these important services.

Public Works Week in San Francisco is a chance to commend the men and women of San Francisco Public Works and the people they serve, as we work alongside San Francisco residents, neighborhood associations, community nonprofits and merchant organizations to enhance the quality of life in San Francisco.