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Subdivisions and Mapping

Public Works' mapping division processes and reviews all subdivision projects that occur in San Francisco, including all condominium conversions.  We also provide surveying services for all city agencies.



  1. Commercial Condominium Conversion

  2. Residential Condominium Conversion (2 Residential Units ONLY)

  3. Expedited Conversion Program (ECP) - Group 5 (2-6 Residential Units) - See Expedited Conversion Program Below

  4. Lot Line Adjustment - For Adjusting Property Lot Lines

  5. Monument Referencing - For Survey Monuments Threatened by Construction 

     6. New Construction Condominium  - For Adding Unit(s) to an Existing Building or Creating a New Property and Ultimately Creating Condominiums 

     7. Parcel - Final Map  - For Lot Subdivisions

     8. Record of Survey - For surveys prepared and sealed by a registered CA land surveyor identifying the boundaries of land and real property

     9. Sidewalk Legislation - For Sidewalk Changes

     10. Vacating public right of way or public easements

     11. Certificate of Compliance - For Finding Existing Lots in Compliance with the Subdivision Map Act


Additional Project Information

     Fee Schedule - Public Works' Subdivisions Division application processing and map review fees

     Subdivision Project Tracking System - To track the status of your project

     Sample Pictures for Application - Acceptable sample pictures


Expedited Conversion Program (ECP)


Map Research


San Francisco Subdivision Code and Regulations


General Information

  • Effective Immediately - All submittals in electronic format  Checkprint in PDF format

  • Assessor's Parcel Numbers are required on all Mylar submittals. We do not require complete condominium plans, only the numbers to verify with the Assessor's Office. 

  • If the package received by our office is reviewed and deemed incomplete, you will be assessed a $250 fee for additional review cost.

  • Office of the Assessor-Recorder current recording fee

  • Mapping Transmittal

  • 2016 Year-End Mylar Submittal Deadlines


Information for Mapping Professionals


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