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2018 org chart

Director’s Office

Director of Public Works - Mohammed Nuru

  • Communications and Public Affairs - Director of Policy and Communications - Rachel Gordon - The office keeps the public and staff informed of the department’s services, projects and programs through mass media, social media, websites, community meetings and other outreach activities. The team produces reports, the monthly community and employee newsletters, briefs elected officials and troubleshoots constituent concerns. The team also oversees media relations and organizes press conferences and special events to celebrate project milestones.

  • Emergency Management Program - Manager - Cynthia Chono - The program works to continuously improve our capability to prepare for, respond to, and recover from both natural and human-inflicted disasters.

  • University of Public Works - Manager - Siobhan Kelly - University of Public Works is our in-house training and education program. Launched in 2013 and expanded in 2014, the university offers a variety of courses to improve our employees’ technical skills and provides a forum where staff can learn about cutting-edge and effective strategies in the areas of engineering and architecture, workplace safety, technology, emergency management, construction management and more.



Deputy Director of Operations - Larry Stringer

The office runs community programs, including Graffiti Watch, Community Clean Team, Adopt-a- Street, urban harvesting and street parks. They also operate the Outreach and Enforcement Team and apprenticeship programs. divisions and bureaus.

  • Central Operations - Superintendent - The office runs community programs, including Graffiti Watch, Community Clean Team, Adopt-a-Street, urban harvesting and street parks. They also operate the Outreach and Enforcement Team and apprenticeship programs.

  • Building Repair - Superintendent - Kevin Sporer - The bureau provides quality professional construction, repair, remodeling, and management services to City-owned facilities. It also provides emergency-repair services 24 hours a day, ensuring that police, fire and other public safety operations are fully functional.

  • Street Environmental Services - Superintendent - Peter Lau - Uses mechanical street sweepers, strategic litter receptacle placement, and City work crews to clean streets and curbs and to remove graffiti. Sidewalk maintenance remains the responsibility of property owners; however, we sweep sidewalks in heavily-used commercial corridors.

  • Street and Sewer Repair - Superintendent - Matthew T. Naclerio, P.E. - The bureau oversees paving and street repair work, sewer repair, patch-paving and pothole fixes. In addition, crews repairs sidewalks and build curb ramps.

  • Urban Forestry - Superintendent - Carla Short - Responsible for median maintenance; and tree planting and maintenance of City-owned trees.



Deputy Director for Buildings and City Architect - Edgar Lopez

  • Building Design and Construction - Manager - Julia Laue - Building Design and Construction provides programming, architectural design, site and master planning, conceptual design, landscape architecture and construction management services. They work closely with client departments and community groups to create buildings and spaces that are sustainable, respect the urban context and reflect the uniqueness of San Francisco neighborhoods.

  • Project Management - Project Management is responsible for delivering major capital projects through planning, design, regulatory approval and construction processes. The bureau delivers a variety of major projects on behalf of City agencies.

  • Project Controls and Services - Manager - Maurice Williams - Project Controls and Services assists, augments and provides specialized services, such as materials testing, contract preparation, site remediation and contract management, with a focus on buildings, infrastructure, institutional and transportation projects.



City Engineer & Deputy Director for Infrastructure Design and Construction - John Thomas

  • Infrastructure Design and Construction - Manager - Patrick Rivera - Infrastructure Design and Construction provides engineering and construction management services through planning, design, project management and construction management to produce projects that are sustainable and highly functional, within budget and meeting the schedule. 

  • Project Management and Construction - Acting Division Manager - Suzanne Suskind

  • Street-use and Mapping - Manager - Jerry Sanguinetti - Ensures that City sidewalks and streets are safe and accessible by permitting and inspecting the use of the public right of way, including the installation and inspection of sidewalk trees and landscaping.


Office of Financial Management and Administration

Deputy Director for the Office of Financial Management and Administration - Julia Dawson

  • Finance - Manager - Bruce Robertson -  This division oversees budget preparation; capital planning, analysis and reporting; grants research and administration; and accounting. It also prepares analyses and produces reports to implement and manage the department’s projects and programs. Responsibilities include the creation and monitoring of the annual budget; preparation of an annual indirect cost plan; participation in bond authorizations and sales; development of the capital plan; and grant proposals. Accounting reviews and enters financial and purchasing transactions; prepares grant billings and account analyses; collects revenues; disburses funds; and guides funds through required procedures until final liquidation.

  • Administration - Manager -  The division includes Contract Administration and Performance Management. Contract Administration is responsible for advertising bids; distributing plans and specifications; receiving bids; processing documents; handling bid protests; awarding contracts; and ensuring compliance with insurance, bonding and licensing requirements. Performance Management monitors key activities of the agency to improve the quality of services delivered, as well as support the monitoring and measurement of the Strategic Plan.

  • Information Technology - Chief Information Officer - Ephrem Naizghi - This division designs, programs, operates and maintains all department-wide automated information systems and equipment. Services include process analysis and planning; software development, configuration and implementation; network and hardware installation; technology operations; help desk and security; and software support and system compliance functions.