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At various times, new sub-divisions are developed within the City and County of San Francisco. During the development of the subdivision, new roads and infrastructure may be required to support the development. Upon request by the project sponsor, and after the completion of project, the project sponsor is then responsible for the maintenance of the new roads and infrastructure.

These streets and infrastructure may then be offered to the City as public right of way upon completion of the warranty period.

Minimum Infrastructure and Roadway Requirements:

In order for the project’s roadway and infrastructure to be accepted, the following minimum requirements must be met. For a complete list of requirements, refer to the Subdivision Rules and Regulations (Appendixes I-XII XIII):

  1. A minimum of right of way of 40-ft.
  2. A minimum roadway width of twenty-six (26) feet (curb fact to curb face)
  3. A minimum pavement section of two (2) inches of asphalt concrete over eight (8) inches of concrete base for arterials. For streets over a 15% grade, the pavement section shall be concrete.
  4. Curbs are required at the edge of pavement.
  5. A minimum sidewalk width of four (4) feet, unimpeded by obstructions.
  6. Street lighting shall be installed per illumination requirements as established by current IEEE standards.
  7. Fire hydrants shall be installed per San Francisco Fire Department Standards.


Acceptance Procedure:

Once it has been determined that the roadway and infrastructure has met all minimum standards, legislation is drafted for the incorporation of the land as right of way and to accept the maintenance responsibility of the infrastructure improvements. The legislation shall include the following:

  • A copy of the recorded subdivision map creating the right of way
  • The A-17 map (on mylar in 18” x 26” format)
  • The Q-20 map showing sidewalk width and sidewalk grades.
  • A copy of the maintenance bond and maintenance agreement (if any)
  • A Director’s Order introducing the legislation.
  • A letter from Public Works confirming the infrastructure has been constructed per approved plans and City Standards.
  • Plans of the infrastructure improvements.


For more information about mapping requirements, see our subdivision mapping website. Once the legislation has been developed, the Board of Supervisors will take appropriate action and if approved, the Mayor has 30 days to sign the legislation upon which the Ordinance takes effect 30 days after the Mayor’s signature.


For More Information:

San Francisco Public Works 
Bureau of Street-use & Mapping 
1155 Market Street, 3rd Floor 
San Francisco, CA 94103