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Sidewalk Inspection and Repair Program

Sidewalk Inspection and Repair Program

The Public Works Sidewalk Inspection and Repair Program makes it easier and less expensive for property owners to comply with City and State codes that require them to keep their sidewalks free of defects. The program accomplishes this by coordinating large-scale sidewalk improvements, making the process streamlined and efficient for property owners. Proactive sidewalk inspections of all city sidewalks are on a 25-year cycle to get repairs. That means, every 25 years, all city sidewalks are inspected and repaired as part of the program. Sidewalk damage that is the responsibility of city agencies or private utilities is also repaired as part of the program.


How It Works

  1. You will receive an informational packet describing how to identify sidewalk defects and make code compliant repairs.

  2. A sidewalk inspector will survey sidewalks based on pedestrian usage, proximity to MUNI routes, hospitals, schools, etc.: Guidelines for Inspection - Public Works Order 178,884.

  3. A property owner will receive a notice to repair (NTR), if the sidewalk adjacent to their property is damaged.

  4. Owner(s) can immediately make the repairs, or will be given the option to take part in a competitively-bid sidewalk contract administered through Public Works.

  5. Property owners who qualify under economic hardship may apply for a deferred payment plan up to $5,000.


What You Can Do

  1. Assess the sidewalk adjacent to your property.

  2. Contact a reputable cement contractor if you believe it is damaged and wish to make immediate repairs. Remember, you must obtain a permit from us before repairs can begin.

  3. If you have been contacted by us as part of the program, participate in the program and we will hire a licensed contractor to make repairs and we will bill you.


Additional Resources 

  1. Good Neighbor Guidelines for Temporary Sidewalk and/or Curb Repair – Public Works Order 177,526

  2. Price Guide

  3. Sidewalk Landscaping Guide to Reference Drawings

  4. Suggestions for Plants for Landscape Installation Fog Belt Zone and Transition and Sunbelt Plant Palettes and Plans.

  5. Notice to Repair (NTR) Permit Processing Guidelines

  6. Fee Schedule

  7. Missing Sewer Vent Covers


Whether you choose to obtain a contractor or have us complete sidewalk repairs, a current price guide will help you get started. For informational purposes only, a list of contractors that routinely provide sidewalk repair services is provided.

For more information, call us at (415) 554-5810.

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