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In the July 2017 Committee for Utility Liaison on Construction and Other Projects (CULCOP) meeting, the Committee will discuss issues related to the permitting and construction of Surface-Mounted Facilities (SMFs). Public Works Code Article 27, Section 2730 requires that Public Works convene a meeting once a year with Persons who submitted Applications for SMF Site Permits. Please come to provide an update on technological advancements, graffiti and blight abatement, and community outreach efficacy.

The meeting will be at: Public Works, Bureau of Street-Use & Mapping, 1155 Market St, 3rd Floor, End Zone Conference Room, the third Thursday of every month at 9:30 AM. The December 21, 2017 meeting is canceled.


The Committee for Utility Liaison on Construction and Other Projects (CULCOP) is a monthly meeting chaired by Public Works.  Its members include a representative from each city agency and utility company who performs excavation work within the public right of way Admin. Code 5.63a.  CULCOP members are committed to coordinating street excavation, utility work, paving and other construction projects in the public right of way in order to minimize the impact of construction on our streets and in our neighborhoods.  Meetings are held the third Thursday of every month.  The public is welcome to attend. 

Announcement: Public Works Order 183621 - Trench Restoration Order - Rules and regulations that would be implemented in the case of a catastrophic emergency within the City and County of San Francisco.


CULCOP meetings and discussions center on coordinating upcoming planned projects by utilizing the following tools:

A. Envista:

Public Works has a data mapping system known as Envista that is used by City Agencies and Utility Companies to coordinate major projects.  These reports and maps are for planning purposes only and are subject to change.


B. Notice of Intent (NOI) letters:

CULCOP members discuss Notice of Intent (NOI) letters that are used to notify utilities and city agencies of upcoming projects for planning and coordination.  Download the current list to create your own mailing labels:  Notice of Intent distribution list.


C. Presentations:

City agencies regularly provide presentations for upcoming planned major capital projects.


Additional Information:

Article 2.4 Public Works Code (Excavation Code) and Public Works Order 178,940 regulate construction and paving on our streets.  CULCOP utilizes the Public Works code and guidelines for discussion purposes to ensure that the roadways are safe and properly restored.


For additional information contact:

San Francisco Public Works
Street Use and Mapping
1155 Market Street, 3rd Floor (Map)
San Francisco, CA  94103
(415) 554-5810