• Water Main Installation

Eureka, Grand View and Mangels Pavement Renovation, Sewer Replacement and Water Main Installation Project

This project will involve the renovation and improvement of Eureka Street between 23rd Street and Market Street, Grand View Avenue between Clipper Street and Market Street, Mangels Avenue from Plymouth Avenue to Burnside Avenue and at various locations throughout San Francisco. Work activities to be performed on this project include, but are not limited to:

  • General Roadway and Pavement Demolition

  • Installation of new 12-Inch and 18-Inch Sanitary Sewer Line and New Side Sewer Services.  Note, temporary service interruptions will be required as new connections are made.

  • Installation of concrete street at the Mangels Avenue / Edna Street intersection.  Note, temporary access interruptions will be required as new street is installed.

  • Installation of new sidewalk, driveways, curb / gutter, and ADA curb ramps.  ADA Curb Ramps will be installed at the following locations along the Mangels Corridor:

    • All ramps at Colon Avenue, Valdez Avenue, Hazelwood Avenue, Brentwood Avenue, Ridgewood Avenue, Gennessee Street, and Detroit Street on Mangels Avenue. All ramps at Saint Elmo Way and El Verano Way.

  • The removal / replacement of roadway concrete base and asphalt surface pavements the full width and length of Mangels Avenue from Plymouth Avenue to Burnside Avenue, Saint Elmo Way from Monterey Boulevard to Yerba Buena Avenue, and Miramar Avenue from Monterey Boulevard to Northwood Drive.

Project Locations

Eureka Street: Eureka Street (Map) (Construction is currently in progress, with construction activity completion anticipated in December 2017)
Between 17th Street and 23rd Street
Grand View Avenue: Grand View Avenue from Clipper Street to Market Street (MapConstruction is currently in progress)
Romain Street from Market Street to Douglass Street
Grand View Terrace from Grand View Avenue to End
Douglass Street from 21st Street to Corwin Street
Corwin Street from Douglass Street to End.
Mangels Avenue: Mangels Avenue from Plymouth Avenue to Burnside Avenue (Map) (Construction is currently in progress)
Saint Elmo Way from Monterey Boulevard to Yerba Buena Avenue
Miramar Avenue from Monterey Boulevard to Northwood Drive 
Diamond Street: Diamond Street from Hiliritas Avenue to Moreland Street (Map)
Hiliritas Avenue from Arbor Street to Diamond Street
Moreland Street from Diamond Street to Farnum Street 

Project Updates:

12/04/17: Crews have completed curb ramp and street base repair work on Eureka. Crews began water service change over work on Eureka between 22nd and 23rd streets on 12/4 and anticipate change over work continuing through mid-December. Once change over work is complete, crews will complete temporary paving on Eureka with final roadway anticipated in early 2018. On Grand View Avenue, crews have completed side sewer repairs and have restored road base between 24th and 25th streets. On Mangels Avenue, crews are continuing to work on side sewer repairs between Foerster and Gennessee, which they anticipate to wrap up 12/13/17. Crews will then continue on to Mangels between Gennessee and Ridgewood to begin side sewer repair work on that block, working through 12/22/17. 

10/31/17: Crews continue to work on curb ramp installation on Eureka at 21st, 22nd and 23rd streets. Work is anticipated to continue through 11/10. Crews will then continue with curb installation work on Eureka at 19th, 201th and 21st streets starting on 11/10 and continue through 11/24. Crews have completed sewer spot repair work at 18 Romain and 45-53 Grad View Avenue. Crews began sewer main installation work on Grand View Aveniue between 24th and 25th streets on 10/23. Sewer main installation work is anticipated to continue through 11/3, followed by side sewer repair work starting on 11/6 through 11/17 and T-trench and road base repair work starting the week of 11/20. On Mangels Avenue, crews have begun sewer main installation work between Gennessee and Ridgewood on 10/30 and will continue sewer main work through 11/14. Crews will begin side sewer repair work on Mangels between Foerster and Gennessee starting on 11/15.

10/23/17: Crews have begun concrete flatwork on Eureka Street and are working on curb and gutter and curb ramp installation work 21st and 23rd streets. Crews will also begin sidewalk restoration work. Concrete work is anticipated to continue on Eureka through mid-November. Crews will begin water connection work on Eureka between 19th and 21st streets starting on 10/27 followed by service change over work. Work on the Grand View Avenue segment of the project is underway and crews are sewer main installation and sewer spot repair work on Corwin, Romain and Grand View Avenue. Sewer main installation work on Grand View Avenue between 21st to Romain Street is anticipated to begin 10/25 and continue through mid-November. Work on the Mangels Avenue segment of th eproject is also underway and crews are continuing with sewer and manhole installation work between Foerster and Gennessee. Sewer installation work on Mangels between Gennessee and Ridgewood is anticipated to begin starting 10/27 and continue through the end of November.  

Archived Project Updates

Streets & Streetscapes
STATUS In Progress
Eureka Street, Grand View, Mangels Avenue and Diamond Street
Start Date December 2016
Completion Date February 2018
Project Manager
Ramon Kong
Project Team

San Francisco Public Works
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

Con-Quest Contractors, Inc. 

Coma Te
(415) 558-5283